Season One Edit

O Brave New World Edit

When Luella Shakespeare is due to be married, she soon suspects her fiance of having an affair. However, she could never have expected murder on her wedding day.

The Chimes at Midnight Edit

For Luella's first investigation, Frank and Luella are employed to look into some mysterious happenings at a local residential home, however the only way to discover the truth is to send in a friendly face, undercover.

This Promised End Edit

When a local funeral director is only given 24 hours to live, he employs Frank and Luella to discover who his soon to be murderers are.

This Rough Magic Edit

When magic trick goes wrong, killing a random member of the audience, Frank and Luella must discover if this really was an accident, or some form of sabotage.

Toil and Trouble Edit

The Mayor of Arden is found murdered, and the police are certain they know who is the culprit; Billy (the Brick) Porter. However, when Billy goes to Frank, professing his innocence, Luella and Frank must prove Billy's innocence and who the real killer is.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear Edit

After attempting to rewrite Romeo and Juliet, Sally Balthazar; former soap actress begins to receive death threats, so in the vain hope of saving her own skin, hires Frank and Luella to discover who is doing this to her and why.

The Fairest Show Means Most Deceit Edit

When Frank and Luella are called to investigate a compensation claim from an ex-employee at a gift shop, they must soon solve a murder when their client is killed.

The Chameleon's Dish Edit

Luella and Frank must join a spiritual retreat in order to discover the truth behind their 18-year-old client's premonitions of murder.

The Rascal Cook Edit

Frank and Luella are tasked with discovering who is responsible for several circumstances of sabotage at one of the top restaurants in the area, however their investigation turns to murder when a murder is committed during their investigation.

Ill Met by Moonlight Edit

After receiving a call from Lady Tania Bede, asking for their help in regards to a robbery, Luella and Frank must find her two most prize possessions; a priceless necklace and her 18-year-old daughter.

Season 2 Edit

Outrageous Fortune Edit

Shakespeare and Hathaway are tasked with finding a missing dog; who is the heir to a £320 million fortune now his owner has passed away.

The Play's the Thing Edit

After being tasked with investigating a supposed affair, by a fantasy reenactment writer, Frank, Luella and Sebastian must don their costumes and join the fun and games to discover the truth.

This Cursed Hand Edit

When a body is found, minus it's right hand, two criminals wish to hunt down the missing hand, which has somehow fallen into the possession of Sebastian and an out of work actor.

Beware the Ides of March Edit

Frank and Luella are brought into the world of psychics and divination when Julienne Fortby asks for their help when she is injured during the filming of one of her and her sister's shows.

No More Cakes and Ale Edit

When they fall onto the employ of a solicitor, Portia Montgomery, to prove the innocence of one of her clients, the crucial witness is not who they'd have ever suspected.

The Offered Fallacy Edit

It was a normal day until Marlowe and Keeler arrest Shakespeare and Hathaway for the crime of stealing £30,000 from an elderly lady, which unsurprisingly, they did not commit. But with the help of Sebastian and Spider, will the imposters ever be unveiled?

Nothing Will Come of Nothing Edit

Frank and Luella must discover what happened to their client's husband, Lorenzo, after he goes missing with far too many debts than he could manage.

In My Memory Lock'd Edit

When an amnesiac bumps into Luella and Frank with nothing but an expensive watch and locker key, they must help him discover his true identity and how he lost his memory in the first place.

The Envious Court Edit

When Luella's mother, Genevieve, asks Frank and Luella for their help when her lover, the owner of the local tennis club, begins to receive death threats, they must solve the case, whilst Luella prepares for the long awaited PI examination.

Too Cold For Hell Edit

When Anthony and Bianca Percy have their furniture stolen by a fraudulent removal company, Frank and Luella are tasked with investigating and finding their property, however when Billy Porter comes to see them saying he was involved, a new line of inquiry opens up.

Season 3 Edit

How the Rogue Roar'd Edit

After being hired by Henrietta Bolingbroke to find reason for her close down the local bingo hall, Frank bumps into an old nemesis who's working at the hall.

See Thyself, Devil! Edit

After seeing the Devil, Tonyy King wishes to employ Frank and Luella to prove that he's not mad, and that the Devil is actually trying to kill him.

The Sticking Place Edit

Frank and Luella are hired by several allotment owners, when their eviction from the allotments is imminent and Lady Mortimer is clearly not coming to their rescue.

A Serpent's Tooth Edit

When Haroon Malik is crushed by a set of falling carpets, Frank, Luella and Sebastian must find out if this was really an accident, or if there are darker motives at work,

Thy Fury Spent Edit

When the curator of the new Shakespeare Centre, Lucian Shaw, is kidnapped by a group of Herstorians, Frank and Luella are hired to find him, before it's too late.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation! Edit

After Odette Dixon's hair salon is burned down, and her employee, Joel, left comatose, Luella must welcome Frank and Sebastian to the world of hairdressing when her and Frank are asked to prove the guilt of Odette's rival, Isobel Harris.

Best Beware My Sting Edit

When green activists 'Mortal Coil', which include Gordon Minola's daughter, Kate, threaten Minola Energy, things get out of hand when Kate's sister Bianca and her husnabd are kidnapped on their wedding day and held at ransom for £2 million.

All That Glisters Edit

Emilia Belmont is a pod-caster who wishes to find out what really happened to her mother, who died in a car crash when she was just a girl. However the only way to find the truth is to enter the world of cryptology, which her mother truly despised.

O Thou Invisible Spirit of Wine Edit

Frank and Luella are employed by Melanie Montague to find a stolen photograph of Old Lil, as it is said strange happenings have occured since her murder 120 years prior, however the investigation is interrupted when a ghost hunter aims to prove that the ghost of Old Lil still haunts the pub.

Teach Me, Dear Creature Edit

After being employed by Jessica Duke to check her son isn't involved in any illegal activity, Frank and Luella end up investigating the teaching centre both of Jessica's children attend after the English tutor is found murdered.

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