O Brave New World is the first episode of the first series of Shakespeare and Hathaway. It was written by Paul Matthew Thompson and Jude Tindall and directed by Piotr Szkopiak. It was first broadcast on 26th February 2018.

Synopsis Edit

When Luella Shakespeare is due to be married, she soon suspects her fiance of having an affair. However, she could never have expected murder on her wedding day.

Plot Edit

Main Cast Edit

Mark Benton plays Frank Hathaway

Jo Joyner plays Luella Shakespeare

Patrick Walshe McBride plays Sebastian Brudenell

Amber Agar plays DI Christine Marlowe

Tomos Eames - DS Joe Keeler

Supporting Cast Edit

Asheq Ahktar plays Ajay Matharu

Julia Deakin plays Genevieve Shakespeare

Melanie Gutteridge plays Veronica Vinten

Nigel Whitmey plays Clive Brenton

Nia Qwynne plays Janice Bardolph

Tatsu Carvalho plays Thiago Cabrera

Abi Mcloughlin plays Diane

Rob Leetham plays Jack

Quinn Patrick plays Wedding Registrar

Amey Woodhall plays Stacey

Anthony Adjekum plays Duane

Trivia Edit

The title of the episode comes from a quote from The Tempest.

"O brave new world, that has such people in 't!"

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