The Chimes at Midnight is the second episode of the first series of Shakespeare and Hathaway. It was written by Davis Semple and directed by Ian Barber. It was first broadcast on 27th February 2018.

Synopsis Edit

For Luella's first investigation, Frank and Luella are employed to look into some mysterious happenings at a local residential home, however the only way to discover the truth is to send in a friendly face, undercover.

Plot Edit

Main Cast Edit

Mark Benton plays Frank Hathaway

Jo Joyner plays Luella Shakespeare

Patrick Walshe McBride plays Sebastian Brudenell

Amber Agar plays DI Christine Marlowe

Supporting Cast Edit

Vicki Pepperdine plays Penelope Pilcott

Sarah Ridgeway play Soozie Honeywell

Sheila Steafel plays Dora Bentley

Ian Hughes plays Owain Pilcott

Timothy West plays Johnny Falstaff

Gray O'Brien plays Ian McClurgy

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